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EquiSport Clothing

Equisport Clothing is a new, environmentally-conscious, luxurious brand producing high-quality equestrian sportswear suitable for all equestrian disciplines. Our range is designed to provide maximal comfort and performance whilst you ride. We ship all of our products internationally, so wherever you are in the world, Equisport Clothing is a perfect choice for lasting, quality-assured, international equestrian sports clothing for all equestrian activities.


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Our First Product Range

High Performance Clothing 

We sell: base layers, light sports breeches, t-shirts and jumpers for women, all designed to optimise your riding experience and performance.

Exclusive First Range 

For our first range of equestrian sports clothing, stock will be limited, so be sure to place your orders quickly so you do not miss out.

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More Coming Soon

Our first technical equestrian sports range is now available. We will also be branching out into children's equestrian sports wear, horse wear and menswear in the future so watch this space!









Environmentally-Conscious Approach


We guarantee never to use any clothing materials that contain animal products. So, all of our equestrian sports clothing is vegan-friendly.


Paying a premium for quality not only ensures you save money in the long-run, but is also the kindest approach you can adopt for our planet. Our commitment to using high quality, durable, long-lasting materials, ensures that our brand falls well outside the toxic “fast fashion” market. 


Product Spotlight


EquiSport Light Sports Breeches

( EQUI05 )


These light weight leggings are great for training in, they are a comfortable and stretchy fabric with a full slicone seat in the same colour as the main fabric.They also have mesh inserts at the bottom of the legging so thay fit perfectly and comfortably under your boots. They have a built in pocket on the side of the left leg perfect for keeping your moblie phone in securely. They have the EQUISPORT branded logo on the back of the leggings in gold print and a white EQUISPORT print on the right

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These high waisted leggings are made from polyester and spandex. They have white pipping at the back and a full slicone seat. They have a secure pocket on the left leg perfect for a mobile phone to fit.They have the EQUISPORT branded logo at the back in gold print They are designed to fit snuggly to the leg. They are soft to touch and stretchy. They are breathable and quick drying with mesh inserts at the bottom of the leg for temperature control and comfort under your boots.They are machine washable at 30 degrees. Non iron or tumble dry. They have a sporty look and feel.



What Makes Our Clothing Different?

Breathable Fabric

Our equestrian sports clothing is designed to keep you feeling as comfortable as possible, whatever the weather. So, we ensure our clothing is made of breathable fabric, by using advanced materials in our light sports breeches, training tops, and base layers that adapt to keep you cool and dry.


Whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional rider, wearing well-fitting clothing is essential to ensure your horse riding experience is as enjoyable as possible. We know how hard it can be to find comfortable clothing that is specifically designed for horse riding, so if you are a horse rider keen to stay comfy, look no further.


We are committed to only using high quality materials, so you can be sure any equestrian sports clothing you buy from us is tailored to last, will never go out of shape, and it looks great too.


We design clothing for horse riding that optimises your performance. So, instead of thinking about how uncomfortable, overheated or ill-fitting your clothing feels, you can concentrate on getting the most out of your horse riding.  

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About Us

Equisport was created to bridge the gap between equestrian clothing and high quality, durable sportswear.  The founder of the company has extensive experience in the equestrian industry and currently works as a coach, to both competing horse riders and those who ride for leisure. In addition to this, she has been riding her whole life, so she knows first-hand how uncomfortable and restrictive poor quality or badly designed clothing can be. That’s why she created Equisport Clothing, to provide all types of riders with clothing that optimises performance, prioritises comfort, uses breathable fabric and is always made to the highest quality.

An environmentally-friendly and animal-friendly approach is extremely important to us, so none of our clothing will ever be made from animal products.  

Why sacrifice comfort or performance when you ride? Choose Equisport Clothing today for high-quality equestrian sports clothing that lasts.



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