About Us

Equisport was founded by Martine in 2018. Having been riding since a very small child and gaining extensive experience in the equestrian industry working as a coach to both competing riders and non-competing riders, she wanted to combine her love for horses and fashion to bring together a practical yet stylish luxury equestrian clothing brand which offers a sporty look for horses and riders, enabling comfort and optimising riding performance, whether a beginner or professional rider in all disciplines.
Animal welfare is a very important part of the Equisport ethos, our high-performance wear and luxury clothing is strictly animal-cruelty free. We empower the public to make conscious choices and as such, we choose ethical fashion policies against animal testing so you can shop without supporting cruelty.
We care about sustainable production and the environment; all our materials are of the highest quality and made to last making sure we help reduce the impact of fast fashion and our packaging is Eco-friendly.


If you would like to discuss working in partnership with Equisport or supplying our portfolio of products, 

please contact us on 07731132970